No Muscles Needed
Weighs just over 3 lbs when you add your own iPad to the shell.
Get Out Of The Corner
When the party gets going... so do you - follow the party to the dance floor, to the bar - anywhere the guests are - so are you!
It's All About The Button
The Ring Roamer is not just "off the shelf" pieces.  Our engineers have put lots of hours into the development of the customized board that powers the coolness of the Ring Roamer programmable lighting through the single button on the back of the Ring Roamer.
The Newest Craze in Photo Booths
Ever felt left out of a party?  Are you a photo boother looking for something new to add to your booth options?  Are you a DJ looking to add a little Pizzazz to the dance floor?  

Well, then the Ring Roamer Is perfect for you! Invented by Entrepreneur Danny Brewer and Manufactured by the leading Photo Booth Manufacturer in the US, the Ring Roamer is a 3 lb. unit made to Roam the party!

Perfect for any type of event who already has photo booths, or new event types like festivals, sporting events and bar crawls.
The Ring Roamer In Action
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What's The Difference in V1 and V2?
The V1 Roamer has two modules on the inside of the roamer - one for the led lights and one for the charging of the iPad..  The V2 has one single module that supplies power to both the iPad and the led lights.
Ring Roamer LE 
Ipad 10.5, 11, 12.9 / Surface Pro
No Bracket Included
Ring Roamer V2 - 11" Pro
The New Marketing Roamer

Ring Roamer V1 
The Original
Ipad 10.5 Pro

Ring Roamer 12.9 Pro
Ipad 12.9 Pro
Go Big!

Ring Roamer SP
Surface Pro
For Non iPad Users

Ian Manheimer, VIP PhotoBooth
I can't say enough positive things about my Ring Roamer. What a great addition to my photo booth business. Easy to use, huge marketing ability, great return on investment. Anytime I bring it out I receive tons and tons of compliments. I couldn't be any happier with my purchase!
DJ Casper (The Cha-Cha Slide Man)
Craig Center, Black Tie Productions
3000 reasons to buy a Ring Roamer. Good week to roam! All from Wednesday to (Saturday). From a food festival ($500), to a golf outing ($425), to a wedding ($800), to a road race ($500) to another wedding reception ($800). People love it! People want it! People will pay for the service!
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